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in packaging of single-dose sachets
since 1968

Bustina blu Bustina gialla

Heat sealed sachets

we package our customers' products in heat sealed sachets. Envel warranty for an excellent result. Capacity from 0.5 to 200 ml


Stick pack

we package customized stick packs purposedly created to ensure, further from the results, the satisfaction of our customers with Envel's warranty.


Food supplements

To be considered for their easy usage. Handy to be carried around thus enabling you to assume your supplements anywhere and any time.


Shaped sachets

Trust Envel with the creation of your shaped sachets, available in the most varied shapes and sizes. To contain your products in uniquely designed sachets.


Packaging Envel

since 1968

  • bustine per creme con layout personalizzati
  • bustine per prodotti solidi - fazzolettini, bende e garze
  • bustine per prodotti In polvere
  • bustine per prodotti In Gel - Prodotti di bellezza, saponi, detersivi

ENVELPackaging of Liquids Creams Gel Powders Granulates Bleaches Wipes Masks Bandages

Envel has been operating in the field of traditional heat sealed packaging since 1968. Stick Pack or shaped sachets containing liquids, Powders, bleaches, wipes, Masks, Bandages. We operate in controlled environments certified up to class IS08 according to regulation n. 14644.1 Federal Standard 209E for packaging and filling of medical devices.


Envel Services

Un Elite di servizi per le nostre committenze .


We are available to study and realize any request you might have.

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Here in Envel you can compose the graphics of your layout as it fits you best achieving your personalized sachet design.

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Special workings

Special workings upon customer request, Die-Cut sachets, or Euro slot, vials insertion, pastils or other (materials)

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Dedicated services

Possibility to create any shape or to perform any sealing on the sachets in order to achieve a controlled dispensation of "your product".

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Packaging on behalf of third parties Envel

Excellence in packaging


Within our eco-compatible packaging departments realized inside contamination controlled environments, Envel deploys a programmed production (program) matching any (customer) need Both during and after processing checks are performed in order to assess seals, contained product, quality of printing and external appearances of the sachets.

Furthermore, upon request, we can perform microbiological controls. Envel operates with a perspective of continuous improvement of the product and in the study of bespoke realizations according to our customers' needs.

Hotel Line Envel

The company with the most consolidated experience in the Courtesy Service.

copertina linea hotel - confezionamento prodotti e monodosi da bagno per hotel

The Courtesy Service as a promotional tool for the hotel business

Envel boasts (is proud to have) the longest experience in Italy for the Courtesy Service for hotels



synergically with the customer up to the finished product

Envel is further equipped with packaging lines and (employs) a qualified staff in order to provide a secondary packaging service, manual or automated cartoning, also with shrink-wrap. Insertion of sachets in multi-bags and with minigrip, glueing of sachets on folders or leaflets either manually or automatically with dedicated equipment.

  • Cartoning
  • Envelope insertion into multiple bags
  • Packing bags on Folder or Depliant
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