Heat sealed packaging single-dose

since 1968 Envel

Within our eco-compatible packaging departments realized inside contamination controlled environments, Envel deploys a programmed production (program) matching any (customer) need Both during and after processing checks are performed in order to assess seals, contained product, quality of printing and external appearances of the sachets. Furthermore, upon request, we can perform microbiological controls. Envel operates with a perspective of continuous improvement of the product and in the study of bespoke realizations according to our customers' needs.

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Heat Sealed Single Dose Sachets

The classic single-dose sachet. It can be sealed on 3 or 4 sides. Measures ranging from 45x50 mm to 160x180 mm and containing from 0.5 ml to 200 ml.

Bustine gemellari - confezionamento conto terzi, Envel

Single-dose twin sachets

Single-dose twin sachets for products with two different components and dosages

Stick pack, Confezionamento conto terzi Bustine, Envel

Stick Pack

Stick Packs, the narrow sachet that has a capacity of up to 20 ml, whitdth min 29 mm. max 170 mm

Bustine sagomate, Confezionamento conto terzi, Envel

Shaped Sachets

Shaped sachets can be realized in any form and even in stand up form, the sachets that stands by itself.

Bustine Con Fustella, confezionamento conto terzi, Envel

Die-Cut Sachets

Sachets with die-cut Euro hole You can insert vials, pastilles or anything else inside.

Integratori Alimentari - confezionamento bustine conto terzi, Envel

Food Supplements

The sachets for food supplements are mostly of the Stick Pack type. The narrow sachets to be taken into consideration for their ease of use.

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